Please be aware that all of the School Champions are on both the Leadership and Standards Committee

Name Role Register of Interest Date of Appointment
Helina Kirkup* Headteacher None 08/10/18
Ben Widdowson* Chair None 03/10/18
John Rutherford* Vice Chair None 03/10/18
Lisa Bird* Trust Partner None 02/09/19
Helina Kirkup* Co-opted None 03/10/18
Keeley Williamson* Teacher None 03/10/18
Dominic Waller* Co-opted None 03/10/18
Ian Bennett* Parent None 11/02/20
Kath Rangeley* Clerk None 03/10/18

* indicates a Champion works in other educational institutions

What do we do?

Each governor serves for a 4 year period. We meet as a full governing body on a regular basis throughout the school year and also attend committee meetings which take place in between these to discuss specific areas of governance

Governors support school to:

  • Make important decisions for the school.
  • Oversee the financial performance of school - how the school spends its annual budget
  • Ensure the school meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and provides a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Set targets and monitoring pupil progress and achievement
  • Set the strategic direction of school and make staffing decisions
  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Ensure that the school premises are well maintained and school is a safe learning environment
  • Promote health and well-being of the school community.

We aim to do whatever we can to support the school, its staff and all of our students to ensure they can