At Somerlea Park, we offer a positive climate where children are encouraged to develop their learning, practise their skills and become confident learners through cross-curricular themes. We have developed a curriculum rich with innovative and exciting learning opportunities built upon our core, underpinning values. Taking a thematic approach, the curriculum has been organised under topic headings for the whole school, with each topic having a primary subject focus.

The learners at Somerlea are at the core of our project-based learning; topics are developed with children to enable them to discover new interests and talents as well as provide children with the knowledge to succeed in life. Through all topics, learners are provided with real-life applications and future career aspirations.

Creative planning ensures that cross-curricular links are made and National Curriculum 2014 Programmes of study for KS2 are allocated to the topics, ensuring breadth and balance in core and foundation subjects. Hooks for learning engage the children from the beginning, while working towards authentic outcomes for each topic provides real purpose which motivates children to produce high quality work. English skills are taught within the context of the topic and the focus on written work is central to every topic. We aim to provide opportunities for children to be creative, flexible and innovative in their approach to learning and developing new skills, knowledge an understanding necessary for future success. Built into each unit are key knowledge and key vocabulary to help learners remember and use knowledge fluently.

At Somerlea Park, we actively promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils. We uphold and teach children about the fundamental ‘British Values’ which are defined as: democracy; rule of law; individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. These values are taught explicitly through Jigsaw PSHE and Religious Education (R.E), assemblies and special presentations while our curriculum planning and delivery includes real opportunities for children to explore these values.



In Science each year group focusses on a Science area and studies this in depth. Children are encouraged to work independently and collaboratively in scientific and practical investigations. During lessons children observe, explore and ask questions about Living Things, Materials and Physical Processes. They evaluate evidence and consider whether tests and comparisons are fair. They use reference materials to find out about scientific ideas. They share their ideas and communicate them using scientific language, drawing, charts and tables.

Modern Foreign Language:

With the introduction of the New National Curriculum, the school has opted to teach French using the scheme called ‘Rigalo’.

As all year groups are currently starting from the same baseline our priority is the oral acquisition of the language through a 30 minute focussed session each week lead by the class teachers; teachers do however seek opportunities for pupils to practise their linguistic skills at other times.


Religious Education:

In R.E we follow the new Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. RE is taught every week, in all classes for 45 minutes. The Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus provides practical, professional guidance and support to teachers in setting high standards and expectations for learning. The areas covered are: Places of Faith, Holy Books, Festivals and Celebrations, Customs, Practises and Lifestyles, Founders and Leaders and Expressing Meaning and Symbolism.

The RE syllabus requires exploration of questions and answers in the light of human experiences and authentic encounters with religion, using key questions to develop and energise learning. There are opportunities for pupils to learn from Christianity and other principle religions of the world.

Since the introduction of the new curriculum and the new Modern British Values focus, the school is currently looking at ways to incorporate these values as part of RE lessons and across the whole school.

Physical Education:

As part of our work to encourage healthier lifestyles for our pupils we actively promote and encourage physical education at Somerlea Park. Every class has a session of indoor and outdoor PE timetabled every week. Swimming is taught to pupils in Yr5 with a view to them achieving the 25m standard set for KS2 pupils.

In addition to ensuring that all children achieve a minimum of 2 hours PE a week on occasion coaches from outside organisations will visit school to deliver extra sessions in some year groups in a variety of sports such as cycling , archery, football & cricket. The school also takes part in inter & intra school tournaments, coaching events & local competitions during or after school.


Extra Curricular Activities:

In addition to the core curriculum it is our aim to offer a variety of out of school activities to our pupil’s, these take the form of residential visits or after school clubs. Clubs are led either by staff or external providers and usually run in half term blocks when staff are available.

Throughout the year the range of activities offered will vary but generally includes such things as Football, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics & Instrumental music tuition. These clubs are open to all pupils although depending on the provider there may be a charge involved.

Curriculum Overviews: