We are a Trust that holds the very highest of aspirations for education. We believe that collaboration and communities of professionals reflecting and refining practice can build long term, sustainable solutions for schools.Local collaborations are key to this success. Geo-located schools working in collaboration are more than these of their parts and this is core to the work of the Trust.

Alongside these aspirations and passion are services to schools at ratios which not only remove barriers to education but provide pro-active support to ensure schools can support pupils, families and staff.

We aim to provide a supporting framework, remove barriers and support all 'flavours' of education. Delegating responsibility to schools and local governing bodies maintains the need for schools to be set in their local context and make decision that are right for individual needs.

We have not yet found a school that does not want to improve outcomes for its learners and we believe that combining the structures, systems and capacity within our Trust with the aspiration and drive through local accountability, there is a bright future for all our schools.