Introductory Guide for Parents and Carers about Jigsaw 3-11/12

Jigsaw Snapshot Map: shows a brief overview of JIgsaw’s content by Puzzle (unit of work) and by year group.

Download The Snapshot

British Values Map: shows how the Jigsaw materials fully cover Fundamental British Values as part of a school’s SMSC provision. Subject leaders have found these useful documents to print out and use during a school inspection.

Download Mapping by Lesson

SMSC / Emotional Literacy Mapping Docs: Quick visual reference and summary of where Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) and Emotional Literacy development opportunities which exist within Jigsaw.

Download SMSC Mapping Doc

Information Leaflet
Jigsaw RSE Training
LGBT Parent Leaflet
RSE Primary Schools Guide for Parents
RSHE Guide for Parents

Approach For Foundation Stage
Approach For Year 1 to 6
F1 Overview
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