You can request a printed copy of any of the below free of charge. 

The School Day:
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Term Days:

Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Friday 23rd October 2020
Friday 12th February 2021
Monday 7th June 2021
Monday 4th January 2021

Holiday Requests:
Please request a holiday form from the school office. 

School Dinners:
Menu - Week 1
Menu - Week 2
Menu - Week 3
Mellors - Parents Information Pack
Mellors - Healthy Eating Policy Statement
Mellors - Healthy Pack Lunch Flyer
Mellors - School Food Standards
Mellors - Christmas Recipes
Mellors - Cooking at Home
Mellors - Food Facts
Mellors - Family Recipes and Activities Pack
Apply for Free School Meals

Mary Swanwick Primary School are part of the Learners' Trust MAT. We continue to follow the Derbyshire Admissions Policy and Guidelines. Please contact the local authority to find out about our admission arrangements.
Admission Arrangements
Local Authority Website 
Local Authority's Admissions Criteria

To view documents regarding our Curriculum, including 'End of Year Expectations' and 'Term Topics' ' click here

Key School Policies:
Anti-Bullying Policy
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Policy (During School Closure)
Charging and Remissions Policy
Children Missing in Education
Complaints Procedure Policy
Equality Statement
First Aid
IT Acceptance Agreement
Infection Control
LEARNERs' Code Policy
LEARNERs' Code Booklet
Little Book of Everything (Nursery)
Little Book of Everything(Children)
Little Book of Everything(Staff)
Little Book of Everything (Parents/Carers)
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Rewards and Privileges
Separated Parents Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation

Key Trust Policies:
Keeping Children Safe in Education
Social Media
Working Together to Safeguard Children
Charging and Remissions
IT Acceptance Agreement

A full list of all the Trust's policies can be found here

Administration of Medicines
Child Protection & Safeguarding
Child Protection & Safeguarding (During School Closures)
County Lines and Gangs - Information
Early Help Offer
Guidance of Safer Working
Keeping Children Safe in Education (Staff)
Personal Care
Private Fostering Policy
Safeguarding Leads
Starting Point
Voyeurism Act 2019
Working Together to Safeguard Children
Work Experience

OFSTED Reports
For our most recent OFSTED reports click here
To read our 2016 OFTSED Summary click here

OFSTED Parent View
To view our Parent View results click here

To view OFSTED's main website click here

Latest KS2 Results 
Outcomes 2019
The school's KS2 results as published on the Department for Education's website

Previous Outcomes
Performance Table 2019 (Provisional)
EYFS Results (2019)
KS1 Results (2019)
KS2 Results (2019)
Phonics Results (2019)
Phonics Results (2018)
EYFS Results (2018)
KS1 Results (2018)
KS2 Results
Performance Tables

Attainment and Progress Figures:
EYFS 2017
KS1 2017
KS2 2017
KS1 2016
KS2 2016
Performance Table 2017
Performance Table 2016
Phonics Results 2017

What we do with the Pupil Premium Money:
To learn more about Pupil Premium click here
2019/21 Pupil Premium Strategy
2019/20 Pupil Premium Audit
2018/19 Pupil Premium Review
2017/18 Audit and Action Plan
(Note: This a working document and will be reviewed and updated soon)
2016/17 Audit and Action Plan

What we do with the School Sport Premium Money:
Sports Premium Impact Report (2019/20)
Sports Premium Action Plan (2019/20)
Sports Premium Impact Report (2018/19)
Sports Premium Action Plan (2018/19)
Sports Premium Impact Report (2017/18)
Sports Premium Funding
Swimming Data

SEN Information Report
SEN Local Offer statement
SEN Policy
SEND Code of Practice
For more information regarding SEND, please visit Derbyshire IASS

Our Ethos and Values
To see a copy of Ethos and Values please click here

Equality Objectives

LEARNERs' Trust Annual Accounts and Reports:
Please click here to view a list of LEARNERs' Trust reports