All academies charge a fee. The average is between 5-10%. This is usually less than is already top-sliced by the local authority. The LEARNERs’ Trust charges 5% and provides a comprehensive service to schools. The service we offer releases capacity in your annual budget by paying for services centrally rather than charging individual schools.

The Trust has built a model which provides the capacity for schools to access support at the point of need. Each service (Finance, HR, Facilities) will offer each school uncapped support which will include on-site visits.

This allows schools and governors to be proactive in removing barriers and planning for success.

The Trust has partnered with Services4Schools to manage staff for finance, human resources and human facilities.

The Trust will pay for schools to access:

Learners First 
A wide range of training and development for staff and governors including qualifications for leadership (access to NPQ qualifications for leadership development) and SLE, LLE and NLE access to support schools

Access to iAbacus
A school improvement planning tool that links to self evaluation and staff appraisal

Training Venues
At heavily discounted rates

Staff professional development offer:

The Trust will provide opportunities for all staff at all schools to have access to professional development and networking opportunities. This is a key are of offer for the Trust as it is committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning through development of staff with a high quality offer.

The Trust will continue to develop cost efficiencies (whilst maintaining/ improving quality) for all schools with regards to contracts and services. Schools are encourages (but free) to opt into these efficiencies.

Future efficiencies will include:

  • Photocopier leases

  • ICT Leases

  • Assessment Systems

  • Utilities charges

  • Broadband

  • Catering

  • Cleaning

  • School Meals

The Trust will provide full support for each school through the conversion process including:

  • Named conversion specialist

  • Detailed conversion plan

  • All meetings with governors and staff

  • Consultation documentation and meeting support

  • Financial requirements – new financial system licences, set up and training, new bank accounts, payroll set up

  • Due diligence on buildings

  • Legal processes including TUPE, commercial land transfers and negotiation of contracts