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Holme Hall Primary School is part of the Learners' Trust MAT. We continue to follow the Derbyshire Admissions Policy and Guidelines. Please contact the local authority to find out about our admission arrangements.

Local Authority Website
Local Authority's Admissions Criteria

School Day
The school day begins at 8:55am and ends at 3:25pm for KS1 and 3:30pm for KS2. Our gates are open from 8:30am and the playground is supervised by staff from 8:45am. At the sound of the whistle, children are expected to line up ready to start their day of learning.

Morning break is 10:45am until 11:00am for all children; KS1 children are provided with a healthy snack.

Afternoon break takes place between 2:15pm and 2:25pm. Lunchtime runs from 12:05pm until 1:00pm for KS2 and 12:05pm until 1:15pm for KS1. Children are released from their classrooms at the end of the day by teachers and support staff.

To view a timetable of the school day, click here.

Term Dates

Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Friday 25th October 2019
Friday 14th February 2020
Monday 20th July 2020
Tuesday 21st July 2020

Holiday Requests
Please see our attendance policy for advice about taking term-time holidays. Holiday forms can be requested form the school office.

School Dinners
Our school meals are provided by DCC and are made on the premises. Through the universal infant free school meals scheme we provide all children in Reception and Years 1 & 2 a school meal. There is plenty of variety through the week and meals are healthy and nutritious.

You are of course welcome to send your child to school with their own packed lunch. We do ask that lunchboxes offer healthy choices; we don’t allow sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks.

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Ofsted Website (Post-Trust Conversion)
Ofsted Website (Pre-Trust Conversion)

Latest KS2 Results 
Latest Attainment Results
School Performance Data (Post-Trust Conversion)
School Performance Data (Pre-Trust Conversion)

View documents regarding our curriculum, including end of year expectations and termly topics

Key School Policies
Accessibility Plan
Attendance Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding
SEND & Inclusion Policy
Star LEARNERs' Code Policy
Book of the Star LEARNER's Code (Children)

Key Trust Policies
Accessibility Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education
Social Media
Working Together to Safeguard Children
Anti-Bullying and Staff Harassment
Charging and Remissions
Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)
IT Acceptance Agreement

A full list of all the Trust's policies can be found here

Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium Strategy 2018/19

Sports Premium
Sports Premium Plan 2020

Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium

LEARNERs' Trust Annual Accounts and Reports:
Full List of LEARNERs' Trust reports

Our Ethos and Values
Ethos & Values

Equality Objectives

Promotion of British Values
How we Uphold British Values