Working together; aiming high

At Holme hall Primary School, we offer a safe, and nurturing environment in which our children aim high, enjoy their learning and work hard to achieve success. We care deeply for each other and encourage kindness and respect towards one another so that everyone in the school feels happy and valued at all times.

Collaboration is central to our ethos and we have worked together as a whole school community to agree six core values that underpin everything we do:


We aim to provide the very best education for our children so that they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful, caring citizens of the world. We want them to aim high and know that anything is possible if they work hard and do their best.  The work is challenging and expectations are high but we support every child so that they are successful in their work.


We work together as a staff team to provide the very best education for the children of Holme Hall. We work closely with parents and members of the community and all stakeholders have a say in the way we do things at school. We offer opportunities for children to work collaboratively and we encourage them to support each other in their learning as well as in their friendships.


We provide a safe and supportive environment which allows the children to take risks in their learning and to stand up for what they believe. We want the children to believe in themselves and to know that it’s ok to make mistakes; that making mistakes helps us learn. We believe that everyone is capable of achieving what they want to achieve and we want them to believe that too.


Ours is a curriculum full of interest, which inspires and stimulates the children so that they want to know more. We want them to enjoy their time at school and to love their learning so that they are motivated to succeed. We offer a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities designed to motivate and inspire our learners.


We provide a loving and caring environment, in which our children understand the importance of relationships. We nurture and support our children in their friendships, and insist that they choose kindness every time. Compassion is taught through our curriculum and through learning about the challenges faced by some people in the world, our children are encouraged to develop a sense of empathy through an understanding of injustice and disadvantage.


We foster in our children a deep respect for others. At Holme Hall everyone has the right to feel respected and valued and we work hard to instil in children the importance of good manners. We teach children the importance of self-respect and, as well as insisting on kindness to others, we remind the children to be kind to themselves as well. Respect is central to our Star Learners’ Code and it is through this system that we teach our children this core value.