We have put together a little FAQ that may help with some of the reoccurring issues we are being emailed about. If you can't see your question on here or need further assistance, please do contact us. 

Click one of the bullet points below to be taken to the answer. 

As always, please contact [email protected] if you require any further support. 

I can't schedule a meeting with the channels I have created?

At this moment in time, private channels cannot be invited into scheduled meetings as open channels can, and therefore when you're scheduling your meeting and looking for your channel to add, they will not appear in the list. Channels are private so that only specific students are added to them - open channels can be seen by all students in the Team and it is not advised to have them open. 

Our current advice is to share with your pupils an intended time for a meeting, and the staff start the meeting 5 minutes earlier using the 'Meet' or 'Meet Now' option in the channel, so they can set it up with the correct settings before the children start requesting to join. 

I've received an email to say my invite could not be sent to my children?

Whilst the children do have an email address, this is purely for Teams and it does not have an email inbox - therefore when you invite a child to a scheduled meeting, you will get an automatic email back saying their account could not receive the email. This is nothing to worry about, and the child should still have received the invite notification on their Teams. 

A pupil is being sent a code from Teams when they try to log in, how do they get this?

We have begun to notice that when a parent/child is being told their account was sent a code, it is very likely the email address they have entered is incorrect. Please ask the parent/child to double-check the email address they are entering is correct, and to send you a screenshot. If the account looks correct to you, please email [email protected] and we can look on our side to see if this is correct and reset the account password and help get them logged on. 

A child has forgotten their Teams password, what do we need to do?

If a child has set their own password and forgotten it, or the password set by the school doesn't appear to be working - please email [email protected] with the child's full name and if you would like the password to be something specific, please mention this in the email. 

A child is having issues logging into ActiveLearn on an iPad, what settings do we need to check?

The most common problem we are finding people are having with signing into ActiveLearn is that the details entered are correct but it still won't log in. This is likely because there are two settings enabled that will need disabling. I have found a quick video below from another school that shows you what settings you need to change and where to find them.