Member - Dr Kevin Walker

Lead on Finance and Business


  • CTO and co-founder of Image Metrics - proprietary real-time video and animation technology targeted towards real-time animation processing for game industry.
  • Member of advisory board to Faceware Technologies
  • Expertise in business growth and development, leadership, finance and IT



  • Walker has taken an innovative idea in the use of technology and turned it into an international success. He has grown a business structure and has a wealth of experience of strategy to offer. He is used to developing large-scale business projects and negotiating with clients. His experience in innovation and business will be invaluable to the trust, having navigated start up ventures and a volatile industry landscapes.
  • For the Trust Dr. Walker is more than willing to put time and energy into replicating his approach to high standards and innovation in the Trust model which he is why he makes an excellent link between the Members and the Trustees.