Position Name Category Designated Responsibility Appointed End of Term
Head of School Helen Smith
Chair Nigel Grimshaw LA Looked After Children
Performance Management
16/04/2016 15/04/2020
Vice Chair James Greaney Parent Safeguarding 22/01/2018 21/01/2022
Governors Paul Hassall Co-opted 10/09/2015 09/09/2019
Chris Phelps Co-opted Health and Safety 10/09/2015 09/09/2019
Lisa Scott-Savage Co-opted Pupil Premium & PE
Performance Management
31/03/2018 30/03/2022
Chris Tague Associate 13/01/2018 12/01/2022
Karl Scott Staff 15/09/2016 14/09/2020
Vic Cutting Co-opted SEN & Looked After Children 04/11/2017 03/11/2021
Angela Edwards Parent 04/11/2017 03/11/2021
Shaun Bennett Co-opted 22/03/17 21/03/22

Governor Meeting Attendance
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Governor's Action Plan
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Governing Board Information
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Register of Pecuniary and Personal Interests

Committee Membership

Resources Committee Standards Commitee
James Greaney (Chair) Paul Hassall (Chair)
Helen Smith (Head) Helen Smith (Head)
Chris Phelps Nigel Grimshaw
Lisa Scott-Savage Karl Scott
Angela Edwards Vic Cutting
Shaun Bennett

Terms of Reference for the Governing Body
Terms of Reference for the Resources Committee
Terms of Reference for the Standards Committee