Executive Head Mr Hickey
Head of School Mr Newberry
Head of Inclusion & Support Mrs Cherry
Head of Finance & Administration Mrs Moffatt
Front of House Mrs Howkins
Mrs Hollindale
Learning Mentor Miss Hatton
IT Technicians Mr Williams
Mr Praveen
Site Manager Mr Atkin
Year 3
Teachers Miss Fretwell (Lower School Leader)
Mrs Freeston
Mrs Smith
Teaching Assistants Mrs Grice (SEN)
Mrs Waddoups (SEN)
Mrs Bullivant
Year 4
Teachers Miss Hart
Mrs Welsh / Mr Lennon
Miss Doram
Teaching Assistants Mrs Taylor (SEN)
Mrs Beresford (SEN)
Mrs Hartley
Year 5
Teachers Miss Cooper
Mr Stewart
Miss Parkin
Teaching Assistants Mrs Ruck (SEN)
Mrs Morgan
Year 6
Teachers Mrs Brookes (Upper School Leader)
Mr Marsh
Miss Archbold
Teaching Assistants Mrs Wilkins (SEN)
Mrs Kneller
PPA Teachers
Teachers Mrs Wilcock
Teaching Assistants Mrs Walker (HLTA)
Mrs Greenwood (HLTA)
Mrs Beresford (SEN)
Mrs Ward