Name Category of Governor Business & Financial Interests
Nick Newberry Head of School N/A None
Di Hulbert Co-Opted 01/12/20 None
Terry Wright Co-Opted 01/12/20 None
Ian Williams Staff 01/12/20 None
Pete Cawthorne Co-Opted 01/12/20 None
John Ahmed Parent 02/02/21 None
Rebecca Freeston Co-Opted 01/12/20 None
Mike James Parent 20/03/21 None
Vacancy Parent
Phil Hickey Associate Member None

Chair of Governing Body: Di Hulbert
Vice-Chair of the Governing Body: Terry Wright
Clerk to the Govening Body: Helen Dean

The Chair of the Governors can be contacted via the school on 01246 232505

Governor Attendance and Meeting Dates
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Governor Meeting Dates '17 - '18
  • 31st Octover 2017
  • 25th January 2018
  • 27th February 2018
  • 24th April 2018
  • 5th June 2018

Type of Governor Name Attendance (Sept '16 - Aug '17)
Co-Opted - Chair Mrs D Hulbert 6 of 6
Co-Opted - Vice Chair Mr T Wright 6 of 6
 Executive Head Mr P Hickey 6 of 6
Head of School Mr N Newberry 6 of 6
Co-Opted Mr P Cawthorne 6 of 6
Parent Mr R Mitchel
0 of 3
Parent Mr J Ahmed 3 of 3
Parent Mr M Jones 3 of 3
Staff Mr I Williams 6 of 6
Co-Opted Mrs R Freeston 6 of 6

Governors' Report about SEND (Special Education Needs Disabilities)
The SEND and Inclusion team report of current SEND provision for both school can be found here

Governors' Declaration of Business Interests
The Brimington Junior School Governor Declaration of Business Interests can be found here