The Learners Trust have a specific support page containing LOADS of information about not only supporting home learning but how to support mental and physical health during this time and how to help children with SEN. Here is the link:

Routines during Lockdown

Information from the government advice- Structuring the day

Do not worry about trying to maintain a full routine for your child like they had at school. But children will feel more comfortable and learn better with a predictable routine to the day, even if this is difficult.

When schools provide children with work they may give you advice on how to structure the day. But generally, you should try to make sure that they:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • have regular meal times
  • have regular breaks
  • make time to be active - children are used to regular play at lunch and break times


Seesaw is how we will set daily learning tasks and set a daily learning plan. Please see our remote learning policy for more information. Seesaw is also a great way to message your child’s class teacher and be in contact with them if you need anything.

Online content

There is so much content being streamed out there on the internet so we are hoping this page will help point you in the right direction as it can be baffling what to use. We have sent many of these ideas home already but some parents have asked if they can be in one central place so we will keep them on our website and update as we find anything new.

It's important to remember to stick to your child’s year group. Please don’t try to push them by selecting another year group/ key stage because they can do the task for their year group. Across school, we have a mastery approach. This is where we may repeat content to overlearn something and ensure the children have secure knowledge to build on when they are ready.


Early Years

There are more links for KS1 learning you may notice but it is really important you remember children learn by doing. In our Early Years unit tasks are set up to be immersive and child led. The children access the learning at their pace and when they want to.

Talking to your children about ANYTHING is so important! If you are hanging the washing out, tell them why. If you are watering the plants, let them help you. If you are putting away shopping, tell them why. Conversation ignites the learning part of the brain! Younger children also loved to feel involved and thrive on this and praise. Something that may seem really simple to you may make their day!

Please be aware that we are NOT saying you HAVE TO look at all the links we have sent. We just want to support you with the home learning you can do and help keep children occupied whilst they are at home. A long walk or bike ride, playing in the garden, playing games and lots of cuddles are all equally, if not more, important!

Here is the official information from the DFE (Department of Education) about home learning for 2-4 year olds

This is the information for our Y1 and Y2 children

A bit of everything and updated every weekday

  • KS1 BBC Primary bitesize daily programme- press the red button when on a BBC channel on your TV and select Bitesize Daily, click on the aged 5-7 programme.
  • BBC Bitesize: On the website, you will find follow up activities year group appropriate. There is usually a English, Maths and topic activity.
  • Oaks National Academy: Click on Reception, Y1 or Y2 for a daily Maths, English and Foundation (Topic) session.
  • Twinkl offers a range of daily activities. We in no way suggest you try to do this much during a day! They just put links to parts of their site which you may find useful.
  • Top MarksInteractive games that can be searched by clicking on age group and by subject area. 



Well Being





Just because we aren't at school doesn't mean we can't celebrate all the great things you are doing at home. Every week lookout on Seesaw for a Friday celebrate assembly with Mrs Dennis.

Here is a certificate for EVERYONE! We are so proud of how well you are coping at home and a big thanks for staying in touch with us. Here is a certificate for you all! (attach link to rainbow thank you all certificate). When we are back in school, I will give each and every one of you a real certificate just like this one.

Rainbow Readers

If you are carrying on your rainbow reading challenge, you can print out the certificate at home. Don't worry if you don't have a printer. We will give you a shout out in our weekly celebrate and make sure you get a certificate when we are back in school!