Welcome to our Summer Term

We hope you have a had a restful and relaxing Easter holiday and are now ready for a very busy Summer term. This is the point in our year where our "Go Further" vision is really put to the test as our fantastic teachers begin to think about how much their children have changed. As well as skills in all the subjects they also reflect on how our work on resilience, self-evaluation and mental health has helped the children to develop their own personal skills. The term will end with our amazing Sports Day, Festival of Sport, Year 6 Prom night and a visit from the Ice-Cream van.

It is also a time for us to begin planning for next year. We have already made changes to next years teaching teams which was included in one of my weekly newsletters and will be looking at setting new class groups for 2019/20. Our new Year 3's will be visiting school to take part in a range of activities including a Silly Sports Day and a Teddy Bears Picnic. Their parents will also be meeting our new Year 3 team and myself in a welcome morning. We will also be preparing our Year 6's with their move on to secondary school with transition days and transition meetings.

Work has already started to work on providing effective support for children experiencing difficulties with mental health issues. We have secured funding to train all members of the teaching team with high quality training around the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques with our aim to enable children to be able to develop coping skills that can be used when they are feeling low.

Added to all this is or commitment to provide a free Bagel breakfast for every child, every morning, for the entire Summer term. We believe a healthy breakfast is key to a successful day in school!

As always, if you have any questions or wish to visit our school then please feel free to get in-touch. 

Happy Summer Term,

Nick Newberry

(Head of School)

If you cannot find what you're looking for, please contact us using our provided details and Mrs Howkins and Mrs Hollindale will be more than happy to help.