The LEARNERs' Trust offers a high quality educational support and development community backed by excellent professional services and moral leadership. The Trust works in partnership with established service providers for professional development and operational support

Our Ethos

Empowering schools through collaborative practice, with the Trust providing additional capacity (resources), allows teachers and leaders to focus their work on making progress.

Our Goals

To ensure that all schools are at least good and that each school remains part of its community whilst having a network of support to ensure school improvement is sustained and creates a bright future for its pupils and families.

Growth Plans

The Trust has a model that builds a hub of 18 geo located schools. For this number of schools our services can be run at optimal ratios. We currently have one hub in Derbyshire and Rotherham and are building a hub in Derby City. We are keen to maintain the balance of good and better schools to school requiring support at 2:1. This has worked well when a local cluster of schools has joined the Trust fitting the geo-located model.

Our purpose is to enable our children to have choices about their lives on transition to adulthood. Everything we know tells us this is decided in early childhood. Our first job is to support and extend learning for pupils to provide them with the skills and knowledge to make those choices. Our second job is to make sure no child is ignored, no family is unsupported and no life is wasted, by providing intervention at the earliest opportunity. As a small Multi-Academy Trust we are currently engaging with schools in Rotherham, Sheffield and Derbyshire.